Deli is a our way of presenting our musical and visual creations to the world.


These creations have taken form as Last Vinyl Generation, Am.Is. & Ryker, along with other artists collaborations.


With no creative restrictions, we have the freedom to create & present exactly what we feel is right to us.


Original Honest Innovative Creation ... made with love and passion.


Our style comes from a deep rooted passion in both electronic and acoustic music. We have a love of psychedelic space dwelling futurism - chakra rippling waves of punk and mysterious pop - art - surrealism.


Without restrictions, we can create a downbeat electronic space journey, or a loopy 60’s inspired blues number right through to an innovative modern dance floor piece. All combining with a common thread of feel and production, making the Deli Sound exactly what it is. 


We deep dive, bring back what we find and make music and visuals for minds enquiring, bodies moving, souls exploring.


Deli is a place, a dimension ... those that will come and know, will be at home, we are all siblings in space.