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All our mixes are made using high quality hardware and software delivering a finished product that's ready for commercial release. We work on passion and feel and mix to the style of your music. Using either Logic Pro X or Pro Tools (whichever is best for your work) we spend time and care making sure the final mix is of the highest spec. Our engineer has over 20 years experience of professional mixing for the commercial market, delivering number 1 mixes and hit records along the way. We will do revisions until you are completely satisfied with the Mix. If you find you are not happy with the end result, then it's not a problem, don't pay.

Sound equipment


Here at Deli we provide the knowledge and experience to help you finish your electronic productions to the highest quality, ready for commercial release. If you find yourself constantly getting to that point where you're struggling to take your track any further, knowing that if it was just finished you could move on to the next, then look no further. We have a history of working with producers and artist to achieve just that. We know what makes a track work. We can share with you tips and tricks to make sure your track has the atmosphere, feeling, punch, vibe, excitement, energy and sonic sound that will put you in today's market place with confidence. Our clients' tracks range from coming with an idea that they need executing, right up to just the final touches needing to be put in place. We are here to help! We can work with you throughout the production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy.



Create and capture your next sounds with our experienced engineer and the latest recording technologies. You’ll have your pick of equipment to give your recordings the right colour and tone for your sound. Once we have the correct sound, we record into the DAW of your choice (if you have a recorded piece of music) either Pro Tools, Logic Pro or Ableton to capture a top quality recording ready to be produced. For instruments we have a number of synthesisers that can be recorded direct into the DAW. If you are a guitarist we are able to record Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars, either through your own Amp or direct into the DAW applying one of our top class Amp Simulators, giving your artistic work the quality it deserves.



In today's industry, it's extremely rare to hear a vocal that hasn't had some sort of vocal tuning applied. Even the slightest adjustments can make a vocal shine... Want your vocals to sound natural and to the level of a commercially released track? Then let us work with your vocal and bring the very best out, ready for your fans to enjoy.