Please ensure the multi-tracks provided are ready for mixing. If a small amount of vocal tuning and timing is desired please can you provide this information. If our engineer suspects the amount of tuning or editing will seriously intrude on mix time you will be informed. Large amounts of tuning and editing will be charged for and will delay turnaround time. It is in your best interest to do any tuning and editing in your time, so that the engineer can maximise time spent mixing your song.

WAV or AIFF files at 44.1 & 48kHz 16 or 24 bit are accepted.

Please make sure audio stems are mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping.

All multi-tracks need to be consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song (bar 1 beat 1). All files must be of the same duration, sample rate and bit depth.

We cannot accept DAW sessions. (Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton etc).

There is a 48 multi-track limit. A track cannot share different sounds, for example a backing vocal track with a guitar solo in the middle. If you need to bounce files to save on tracks, we suggest backing vocals and harmonies as a good place to start. Please ensure any bounces of this nature are in tune, in time and panned to your satisfaction before you bounce.

Please ensure you have sent us all the correct multi-track files that you want to be included in your song.

We request that multi-track files are supplied dry, without reverb or effects. However, if you feel a specific effect, processing, or creative element (such as filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound, please provide the processed version plus a ‘dry safety’ version. This will not add your overall track count. Please label both versions clearly and mention this in the information you provide.

Print any midi/virtual instruments – we can only accept audio files.

Make sure you allow plenty of headroom when printing your multi-tracks to avoid clipping or distortion. These artifacts cannot be removed in the mix process.

In addition to as much written information as possible, you should provide a rough mix and preferably 3 commercially released reference songs. These commercial songs are only a guide and results are completely dependent on the quality and style of the multi-track provided.

You can upload all your audio files online using WeTransfer addressed to -

We want this service to run smoothly for you. Please read the above information, to ensure you fully understand how online mixing works.

What you can expect from Deli Records Studio:

In most cases, the turnaround time is within 10 days. However, our engineer is very busy, so in exceptional circumstances it may be longer. If this is the case, you will be notified and given the option to cancel your mix and receive a refund.

3 mix revisions are included in the price.

You will be supplied with:
Limited ‘listening’ copy at 44.1/16bit
Unlimited mix master at 44.1/24bit sample rate and bit depth
Unlimited backing track at 44.1/24bit sample rate and bit depth
Unlimited a cappella track at 44.1/24bit sample rate and bit depth
Unfortunately, all original and mixed files will have to be erased from the Deli Records Studio server two months after the date of delivery. Please make sure that you back up your mix files.

We do provide a listening master, though as our engineer is a mixing engineer and not a mastering engineer we recommend you get your finished mix professionally mastered at a mastering house.